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Roofing and Siding Storm Damage Restoration Construction Contractors

Would you like to learn how to immediately increase your roofing, siding and related storm damage insurance repair job profits and income by 25%, 50%, 75% and more, go from P&C insurance "industry standard" low ball pricing to top dollar real, true and accurate (RTA) pro contractor free market pricing with 100% CUMULATIVE GC O&P, get paid for additional and legitimate line items that most contractors never think to ask for, and move your customers insurance covered roofing, siding and related storm damage claims from "filed to final" in record time?  My powerful and proven 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© Property Damage Insurance Claim Process Training for Restoration Construction Contractors program will show you how!


Pro Contractor Endorsement

"Soon after ordering and studying the program I was able to increase an insurance adjuster’s estimate from $34,000 to $71,000. Borrow the money if you have to, get this program and you'll make it back on one deal, probably double your income too." Jay Gomez, Jay's Roofing and Siding, Bozeman, MT

Using the 3RS Profit MAX  / The Playbook© system, none of the pictured 3RSystems, LLC contracted jobs ever required appraiser or PA involvement or legal action

Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I came across 3RS Profit Max on the internet and could not be happier with it. I have gotten my pricing back where I wanted it and almost doubled my yearly net profits. I would highly recommend this to any contractor who is tired of under priced insurance company's."  Cory Edwards - Edwards Roofing, LLC Riverton, WY

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"I have been in the insurance restoration business for over 10 years. Fortunately a friend (also in the business) introduced me to Larry with 3RSystems. 3RSystems is very beneficial with its own software program vs. Xactimate, the thirty plus adjuster denials with rebuttals, and a full layout on how to run an insurance restoration business."   Jason Vogen - GC, Elite Exteriors, Burnsville, Minnesota


Pro Contractor Endorsement

"I have to tell you that this immediately made a difference in how my claims have been handled. I have been reading over and over, the excuses section, and it works! I love your stuff. Keep up the good work. I've geared most of my presentations now around your information. Lifesaver!" Brady Bisel, MBA/Contracting and Sales - Ohio

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Helping your insured property owner customers to MAXimize  their storm damage claims is the key!

On all of the storm damage jobs pictured above, insurance adjusters had failed to properly estimate or had denied damage on the insured property owners wind and hail storm damage claims.  Using the methods I teach contractors from across the country, I helped the insured property owners to move their storm damage claims to maximum insurance settlements - without violating UPPA and without the need for appraiser or PA or attorney involvement.  The total increase in proper and legitimate insurance claim settlement to the five property owners combined came to over $126,000 dollars ($25,000 + average additional per property owner settlement).  

With 3RSystems, LLC Storm Damage Restoration Contractor (3RS/SDRC) training which is based on my many years of comprehensive and proven hands on construction, insurance/investment and legal knowledge and experience rather than just a few years of contracting experience and basic "insurance claims specialist" training, you'll learn the process from a perspective that no one else in the country teaches.  That important and dramatic distinction is what will help you to help your insured property owner customers to maximize their insurance claim settlements and help you to therefore, maximize your own company profits and income.

My experience over the years has shown me that, regardless of their training and experience, 95% of contractors and contractor reps who work storm damage insurance repair claims leave money on the P&C insurance company tables thereby costing themselves, their company's and their customers hundreds to thousands of dollars per job.  Once those claims dollars are left behind, they are lost forever. The solution? Make the right decision for your own, your family's, and your company's future now by ordering your own 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© Storm Damage Restoration Contractor training program and put it and the powerful and easy to use 3RStimax© estimating software program to work for you so you can help your customers to maximize their property damage insurance claims settlements and help you to start earning what you are really worth - today!


3RSystems, LLC trained Storm Damage Restoration Contractors are now in 37 different USA states!

Pro Contractor Endorsement

Overall I am very pleased with the product and feel it was money well spent. When I sat down to read The Playbook for the first time it was one of those reads you don’t want to stop on. I found it that interesting. It was very informative and I found the information useful."   Dave Stewart - Contractor Sales Rep/Lawyer/Public Adjuster - Illinois

Pro Contractor Endorsement

 "When I purchased his Profit Max program and applied all that I learned from it, I was quite impressed with the way it helped me to vastly improve my effectiveness as well as my profit potential. Only wish the program and his 3RStimax estimating software had been available years ago. I'd be retired by now!"   Harold Wren - General Contractor, Wren Builders - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pro Contractor Endorsement

"This is not something I want to keep a secret from my competition, get the book! The more contractors that know this valuable information, the better for all!"   Randy Fern - GC/Roofing Contractor, Texas

Whether you're a contractor or contractor rep, if you want to learn how to help your property owner customers to dramatically, properly and legitimately increase their storm damage insurance claims settlements - without violating UPPA, and usually without appraiser, PA or attorney involvement and without waiting months to do so, you need the kind of no nonsense proven training you can only get from 3RSystems, LLC. Based on more years of hands on industry experience than anyone else offering insurance restoration claim process training + twenty additional concurrent years of in depth insurance and investment industry experience helping clients to maximize their financial portfolios, 3RSystems, LLC Storm Damage Restoration Contractor (3RS/SDRC)™ 3RS Profit MAX training is the right and only choice for contractors and contractor reps who want to maximize their own earnings by helping their storm damage property owner customers to maximize their property damage insurance claim settlements.

Ultimately, by learning and putting my years of hands on construction and insurance/investment industry experience to work for you and becoming a nationally registered and recognized 3RSystems, LLC Storm Damage Restoration Contractor (3RS/SDRC) or contractor sales rep, you'll be able to help your storm damage property owner customers to regularly and repeatedly beat the P&C insurance companies at their own game. Doing so will allow you to become the hero for your customers while the P&C insurance companies, their adjusters, and their in house claim reps cut back on the nonsense and start to do what they are supposed to do – fully pay your customers storm damage insurance repair claims at real, true and accurate (RTA) market rates that are relative to the premiums paid.

Soon after your initial study and application of the powerful knowledge you'll receive with your 3RSystems, LLC 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© contractor training program you'll notice a new found respect coming from P&C insurance adjusters and in house claim reps who are more likely to pay your customers storm damage insurance claims according to your real, true and accurate (RTA) estimates rather than their underpriced and overly technical P&C insurance "industry standard" estimates. You'll also start to experience the kind of financial freedom worthy of a true professional.


The result of helping your insured property owner customers achieve maximum settlement on their claims will be maximum income for you, your family and your company  - money for a bigger or second home, a new truck with your favorite fishing rig, camping with the family, college for the kid's/grand kid's, longer and better vacations, etc., month after month and year after year.  To learn more about what's in it for you, click on the "What's included, What's in it for you?" link below.

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