What's included?  What's in it for you?

3RS Profit MAX/The Playbook© on Disc 1 (PDF), contains over 100 pages of stories, techniques, examples, and other powerful information that will completely change, to your great benefit, the way you approach the business of insurance claim repair processing. In fact, just a couple of the items included in the program, once learned and put into practice, could earn you many thousands of dollars in additional but well deserved income – right away – if you take action, right away! 

Do you door knock and/or flyer, place newspaper ad's, buy radio time, etc.? 3RS Profit MAX™/The Playbook© will teach you how to market your services in the most powerful, effective and profitable way. You'll also learn how to increase your sign up rate with higher income, better educated property owners with bigger properties which will allow you to increase your insurance repair work income (and high dollar referrals) while decreasing your work load. Plus, you'll learn why, when doing insurance paid repair work, price competition is never an issue - why your fellow contractors are never your competition and why you don't have to and should never give "free" estimates.  

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"From Fear to Financial Freedom - Selling 2 and 4 Success" ©

In "From Fear to Financial Freedom - Selling 2 and 4 Success"©, I write about how I was able to overcome some of the same fears that most of us have and in doing so, I was able to break through the barriers and limits that society attempts to place in our way – to "make my own movie", as it were and not, as I once heard someone say, “die with the music still in me." Sales Tips, Snippets and Other Thoughts will introduce you to powerful sales ideas used by some very successful business men and women I’ve worked with over the years. How to Earn More Money through “Up Selling” teaches you how to earn more money through upgrade orders from your customers after you have helped them to maximize their property damage insurance claims.  

Sales Training Resources discusses several of the best resources for improving your skills. Know Your Products will turn basic trained "Insurance Restoration Sales" reps into well versed professional claims experts who make sure that all the damage is accounted for and paid for at real, true, and accurate (RTA) prices.

3RStimax - The RTA construction industry pricing standard

With their typically low ball pricing, relying solely on the so-called "industry standard" or similar P&C insurance mandated estimating programs to estimate your customers repair work is, IMO, like shooting yourself in the foot with the P&C insurance industry's own gun.  Included FREE with your 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ training program order, your new and intentionally uncomplicated licensed for life contractor friendly and easy to use 3RStimax estimating program will teach you how to and will allow you to price your customers insurance repair work as well as your retail estimates at real, true, and accurate (RTA) pricing for your area instead of the typically below market low ball P&C "insurance industry standard" pricing.

3RStimax™ automatically adds up all of your line item prices for you  at real, true, and accurate (RTA) market rate pricing for your area that you input, figures in all materials sales taxes and miscellaneous prices - including EPA and OSHA compliance costs and other legitimate charges that most contractors never think to ask for, then correctly adds in your Overhead & Profit on every job at 100%. And, it will far exceed any insurance adjusters less than RTA loss report pricing numbers 99.99% of the time. Whether you submit your quotes directly on a 3RStimax™ or use it as a guide to get insurance adjusters estimates on your customers claims priced as they should be, you'll always be money ahead.

Adjuster Rebuttals - “Selling” Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Claims

The Adjuster Rebuttals - “Selling” Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Claims addresses thirty-three of the most common excuses that the vast majority of adjusters and in house claim reps use when attempting to deny payment for legitimate damage and provides you with powerful and proven rebuttals to those excuses. Knowing these powerful and specific adjuster rebuttals will put you in the drivers seat and cause adjusters and in house claim reps to keep the nonsensical underpayment and false denial attempts to a bare minimum. 

3RSystems, LLC step by step business forms

36 in total on disc 2, most forms are ready to personalize with your company information then print off. You can use as few or as many of the forms as you like. Also included with the business forms is the 3RS presentation, 3RStimax™, a sample contingency agreement contract with proper contract language and many other helpful forms along with, “The Process”, which goes over each form and explains how to best utilize them.

3RSystems, LLC Property Owners Insurance Storm Damage Recovery Guide ©

Why choose a 3RSystems, LLC™ trained Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC) contractor?

Anyone can award themselves with the ambiguous title of "insurance claims specialist".  While the title many initially sound impressive, the title is, in reality, not that meaningful.  On the other hand however, property owners who visit the 3RSystems, LLC Property Owners Insurance Storm Damage Recovery Guide© will understand why doing business with a 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ trained contractor will best serve their interests.  The contractor or contractor rep who can prove they have completed the 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ insurance claim process training program - the most advanced and only training of its kind in the country and the same training that resulted in what was illustrated on the first page, means they really and truly are an expert and professional that property owners can trust to assist them in getting their claims fully paid at rates relative to the premiums paid.  

Mortgage Loss Draft Primer - Show Me the Money!

Although Countrywide Mortgage (Balboa) handles most of their own loss draft processing and Sterling National Corporation (previously known as Z C Sterling) handles a fair percentage, most of the loss draft processing done throughout the USA is handled by a Atlanta, GA based niche financial services firm.  In the Mortgage Loss Draft Primer, among other things, you'll learn who they are, who the top executives that are ultimately responsible for the terrible service are, and learn how to get a hold of them when your customer's insurance claim payments get lost in the "loss draft shuffle."

Property Owners Insurance Policy Overview

More and more these day's, the P&C insurance industry is promoting the fiction that contractor's are not capable of and should therefore be prohibited from assisting, advocating for, and negotiating on behalf of their customers because they don't understand insurance policy language. Considering the fact that most contractors who do insurance repair work on a regular basis are also property owners who pay insurance premiums and likely understand P&C insurance policies, how they work, and what they cover as well as anyone, that narrative falls flat. Fact is, policy language never once became on issue on any of my insurance restoration work. That being said, it never hurts to know all you can about the topic which is why I've recently added this new section that reviews all of the various types of P&C homeowner insurance policies available - including policies specific to Texas.

The 3RS Claims Process - from A to Z

The Claims Process - from A to Z is a detailed and complete how-to outline of the entire process as I practiced it over a number of decades which allowed me to achieve maximum insurance claim settlements for my customers and thereby achieve maximum income for myself and my company.  Included are all of the necessary steps any contractor or contractor rep might need to take in order to achieve maximum claims pay outs for their customers including the thirty-three proven, powerful, and effective "Adjuster Rebuttals - Selling Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Claims" to beat back insurance adjusters disingenuous attempts to underpay and/or deny legitimate damage.

FREE lifetime membership in ICCOA

Your membership in Independent Construction Contractors of America (ICCOA)™ is included free for life with your purchase of the program. As an Independent Construction Contractors of America (ICCOA)™ member you will have access to members only information that will educate and inform regarding how the process really works.





From Fear to Financial Freedon Selling 2 and 4 Success sales training resources



Estimating software for insurance repair and restoration contractors

      Insurance adjuster rebuttals on damage denials

  Wind and Hail damage contractor business forms


Property owners storm damage recovery guide

   Mortgage loss draft processors

  Property owners insurance policy review


 Restoration contractor insurance claims process

 Storm Damage contractors



Learn how to secure and MAXimize  O&P payments

Roofing insurance claims repair contractor Overhear & ProfitSince O&P is calculated into the insurance premiums your customers pay, there is no valid reason or excuse for not paying full 100% O&P on your customers claims. Not paying O&P when it has already been "pre-paid" by your customers as part of their premiums results in, among other things, unfair and unjust enrichment to the insurance companies. By learning and understanding the language of "The O&P Statement", you'll learn how to repeatedly defeat the typical O&P denial arguments and dramatically increase the number of jobs where you are paid full 100% O&P which will, in turn, vastly increase your per job income.            

Still using the "industry standard"? (Why?) Give yourself an immediate raise with 3RStimax

Estimating software for insurance repair and restoration contractors

With 3RStimax™ which is designed primarily for exterior and light interior retail and insurance repair work estimating, you'll learn how to vastly increase your per job quotes that will also include additional line items that most contractors never think to ask for. The results shown in the before 3RStimax™ ($23,485.76) and after 3RStimax™ ($35,722.94) loss reports in the clickable thumbnail to the right speak for themselves. Do that just one time and you've been paid back on your investment in 3RSystems, LLC Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ training many times over.  Unlike the so-called "industry standard" estimating program (@ up to $1,500 per year), Licensed for Life 3RStimax comes free with the program.

                                 Official USA 3RSystems, LLC trained Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC)™ listing

With your order, you'll receive a questionnaire that, once completed and returned to 3RSystems, LLC, will qualify you to be registered and recognized on the national 3RSystems, LLC data base as a 3RSystems, LLC trained Commercial and Residential Property Damage Insurance Claims Consultant (ICC). By being able to confirm your training, your potential customers will have the confidence that you really are an insurance claims expert which should eliminate any concerns about who they should trust to assist them with their insurance repair projects.

plus, plus

Additional helpful information regarding Insurance Company Bad Faith Practices, Prejudicial Engineering Firms, Busy-body “Do-Gooder” Bureaucrats, Insurance Adjusters and Claims Representatives - "Ah did not...find any damage", 2 + 2 = 3? - "The Perfect Hail Storm" - The Effect of Estimating Software on Pricing, Lack of Training, Overhead and Profit Issues, Business Structure, Marketing - "The 3RS Presentation", Auditing the Loss Report, Covering Your Ass-ets, Contingency Agreement Contracts, Insurance Company and Mortgage Servicing Company – Loss Draft Processor executive names and contact information, common and costly mistakes, how to price your work at real, true, and accurate (RTA) pro contractor pricing, getting the claim filed the right way so that you maintain control, how to get paid for line items that most contractors never think to charge for, and much more!

With 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©, you'll learn the process from the construction, insurance/investment and legal perspectives that no one else in the country can teach!