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"I strongly endorse Larry Burtis and his 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook contractor storm damage restoration process training program. It’s great for experienced contractors and their sales reps and even better for newer contractors and their sales reps who are struggling to get their customers storm damage claims fully, fairly and properly paid at real, true and accurate pro contractor free market pricing. Plus, it is extremely affordable."  Ed Fako - National Contracting and Claims Assn., Chicago, IL

    What's included?  What's in it for you?


3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© contains over 150 pages of powerful stories, sales techniques, business set up and growth guidance, how to scale, business and production forms, and other useful tools and information that will completely change, to your great benefit, the way you conduct your storm and other property damage restoration contracting business. In fact, just a couple of the items included in the program, once learned and put into practice, could earn you many thousands of dollars in additional but well deserved profits and income – right away – if you take action, right away! 

Do you door knock and/or flyer, place newspaper ad's, buy radio time, etc.? 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© will teach you how to market your services and scale your company in the most powerful, effective and profitable way. You'll also learn how to increase your sign up rate with higher income, better educated property owners with bigger properties which will allow you to increase your insurance repair work income (and high dollar referrals) while dramatically decreasing your work load. Plus, you'll learn why, when doing insurance paid repair work, price competition is never an issue, why your fellow contractors are never your competition, and why you don't have to and should never give "free" estimates on insurance paid property damage restoration work. 

"From Fear to Financial Freedom - Selling 2 and 4 Success" ©

In "From Fear to Financial Freedom - Selling 2 and 4 Success"©, I write about how I was able to overcome some of the same fears that most of us have and in doing so, I was able to break through the barriers and limits that society attempts to place in our way – to "make my own movie", as it were and not, as I once heard someone say, “die with the music still in me." Sales Tips, Snippets and Other Thoughts will introduce you to powerful sales ideas used by some of the top producing sales men and women I’ve worked with over the years. How to Earn More Money through “Up Selling” teaches you how to earn more money through upgrade orders from your customers after you have helped them to maximize their property damage insurance claims.  

Sales Training Resources discusses several of the best resources for improving your skills. Know Your Products will turn basic trained "Insurance Restoration Sales" reps into well versed professional property damage restoration experts who are able to help their insured property owner customers with storm or other property damage to make sure that all the damage is accounted for and paid for at real, true, and accurate (RTA) pro contractor market prices.

3RStimax©  - The RTA construction industry pricing standard

With their typically low ball pricing, relying solely on the so-called "industry standard" or similar P&C insurance mandated estimating programs to estimate your customers repair work is, IMO, like shooting yourself in the foot with the P&C insurance industry's own gun.  Included FREE with your 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©  restoration contractor training program order, your new and intentionally uncomplicated licensed for life contractor friendly and easy to use 3RStimax© estimating program will teach you how to and will allow you to price your customers insurance paid restoration work as well as your retail estimates at real, true, and accurate (RTA) free market pricing instead of typically below market low ball P&C "insurance industry standard" forced market pricing.

"Cost +" XM8 estimates Vs. Lump Sum bids?

Still submitting "cost +" estimates on XM8 that include GC O&P to your customer's insurance companies?  XM8 may be the P&C insurance industry's most favored estimating platform but it should not be yours.   Submitting "cost +" estimates on XM8 that include GC O&P and then (rightly) refusing to submit sub invoices could result in an accusation against you made by an insurance company to your customers that you (and possibly they) are committing insurance fraud.  The solution to this new P&C insurance industry trick that could potentially land you in jail is included with your order of 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©

If you are a American Policyholder Association (APA) contractor member (and you should be), your 3RStimax© will come pre-loaded with the full content of the following legal notices and warnings that will be received by your customer's insurance company when you or they submit your restoration estimate/bid to them:  IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER TO ALL CUSTOMERS, INSURERS, AGENTS OF INSURERS, ADJUSTERS AND ENGINEERS:  MATTERS YOU MUST DIRECT TO OUR LEGAL DEPARTMENT:  TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE WITH A CONTRACT:  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT WE REPORT INSURANCE FRAUD.  

The 3RS Adjuster Rebuttals - “Selling” Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Claims

The 3RS Adjuster Rebuttals - “Selling” Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Customers Claims addresses thirty-three of the most common excuses that the vast majority of adjusters and in house claim reps use when attempting to deny payment for legitimate damage and provides you with powerful and proven rebuttals to those excuses. Knowing these powerful and specific adjuster rebuttals will put you in the drivers seat and cause adjusters and in house claim reps to keep the nonsensical underpayment and false denial attempts to a bare minimum. 

3RSystems, LLC step by step business forms

Most forms are ready to personalize with your company information then print off. You can use as few or as many of the forms as you like. Also included with the business forms is the 3RS prospecting presentation, a sample contingency agreement contract with proper contract language and many other helpful forms along with, “The Process”, which goes over each form and explains how to best utilize them.

3RSystems, LLC Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide ©

Anyone can award themselves with the ambiguous title of "property damage restoration expert".  While the title may initially sound impressive, the title is, in reality, not that meaningful.  On the other hand however, with your insured property owner customers educated on the process through the 3RSystems, LLC Property Owners Insurance Storm Damage Recovery Guide©, they'll clearly understand why doing business with a 3RSystems, LLC trained (3RS/SDRC) restoration contractor will best serve their interests.  This site which is password protected to only allow 3RSystems, LLC trained restoration contractor customers to view, will teach insured property owners everything they need to know about how the insurance claims process really works and how to stand up to and move their P&C insurance companies to pay for all of the damage - including properly calculated General Contractor Overhead & Profit payments and avoid the typical delay, denial, defend insurance company nonsense.

Mortgage Loss Draft Primer - Show Me the Money!

Although Countrywide Mortgage (Balboa) handles most of their own loss draft processing and Sterling National Corporation (previously known as Z C Sterling) handles a fair percentage, most of the loss draft processing done throughout the USA is handled by a Atlanta, GA based niche financial services firm.  In the Mortgage Loss Draft Primer, among other things, you'll learn who they are, who the top executives that are ultimately responsible for the terrible service are, and learn how to get a hold of them when your customer's insurance claim payments get lost in the "loss draft shuffle."

Property Owners Insurance Policy Overview

More and more these day's, the P&C insurance industry is promoting the UPPA fiction that contractor's are not capable of and should therefore be prohibited from assisting, advocating for, and negotiating on behalf of their customers because they don't understand insurance policy language. Considering the fact that most contractors who do insurance repair work on a regular basis are also property owners who pay insurance premiums and likely understand P&C insurance policies, how they work, and what they cover as well as anyone, that narrative falls flat. Fact is, policy language never once became on issue on any of my insurance restoration work. That being said, it never hurts to know all you can about the topic which is why I've recently added this new section that reviews the basics of all of the various types of P&C homeowner insurance policies available - including policies specific to Texas.

The 3RS Claims Process - from A to Z©

The 3RS Claims Process - from A to Z© is a detailed and complete how-to outline of the entire process as I practiced it over a number of decades which allowed me to help my insured storm damage property owner customers to achieve maximum insurance claim settlements on their insurance covered property damage claims which thereby allowed me to also achieve maximum profits and income for myself and my company.  Included are all of the necessary steps any contractor or contractor rep might need to take in order to help their insured property owner customers to achieve maximum claims pay outs on their storm and other property damage restorations including my thirty-three proven, powerful, and effective "Adjuster Rebuttals - Selling Adjusters on Fully Paying Your Claims" to beat back insurance adjusters disingenuous attempts to underpay and/or deny legitimate damage.

Pro Contractor Endorsement

“Larry, We at ACP Storm Repair are doing very, very well, thanks to your help in my early years in 2012-13. I get it now!! Thanks to you! Our average claim is $12,000 start and $50K finished!!!”   Alan Podvin, ACP Storm Repair, Parker, CO



Learn how to secure and MAXimize  GC O&P payments

The usual "3-trade rule", "not on roofing", "included in the line items", "need sub-contractor invoices" and "not complex enough" arguments for not paying GC O&P are specious, baseless and nonsensical arguments for not paying GC O&P on your jobs.  With "Overhead and Profit Issues – How to defeat the denials", you'll learn how to defeat those denials in record time and learn how to hold adjusters and claims managers who refuse to include O&P on your customers claims accountable.  Since GC O&P is calculated into the insurance premiums your customers pay, there is no valid reason or excuse for not paying full 100% cumulative GC O&P on your customers claims. Not paying GC O&P when it has already been "pre-paid" by your customers as part of their premiums results in, among other things, unfair and unjust enrichment to the insurance companies. By learning and understanding the language of "The O&P Statement" included with the training, you'll learn how to repeatedly defeat the typical GC O&P denial arguments and dramatically increase the number of jobs where you are paid full 100% GC O&P which will, in turn, vastly increase your per job profits and income.  In fact, as previously illustrated above under "3RStimax© - The RTA construction industry pricing standard", you may be able to avoid the O&P battles altogether while getting O&P paid as it should be paid - relative to your company's status rather than the "10 AND 10%" industry "standard".  Review the 3RStimax© HOUSE Page 3 example below and pay special attention to how 3RStimax© automatically calculates GC O&P for you.


As shown - cumulatively calculated GC O&P at 14.5% and 14.5% relative to a particular contractors actual operating overhead and profit numbers.  HOUSE Page 3 that shows all of your line item prices is NOT sent into the insurance company.  When you submit your "estimate" as a LUMP SUM BID, the insurance company will only receive SPEC Pages 4 thru 6 which show the line items but not the line item prices along with LUMP SUM BID Page 7 that shows your LUMP SUM BID total price and state materials sales tax (where required) only.


               plus, plus


Additional helpful information regarding Insurance Company Bad Faith Practices, Prejudicial Engineering Firms, Busy-body “Do-Gooder” Bureaucrats, Insurance Adjusters and Claims Representatives - "Ah did not...find any damage", 2 + 2 = 3? - "The Perfect Hail Storm" - The Effect of Estimating Software on Pricing, Lack of Training, Overhead and Profit Issues, Business Structure, Marketing - "The 3RS Presentation", Auditing the Loss Report, Covering Your Ass-ets, Contingency Agreement Contracts, Insurance Company and Mortgage Servicing Company – Loss Draft Processor executive names and contact information, common and costly mistakes, how to price your work at real, true, and accurate (RTA) pro contractor pricing, getting the claim filed the right way so that the insured(s) maintain control, how to get paid for line items that most contractors never think to charge for, and much more!

"(defeating) the No Negotiating UPPA Push"

One of the biggest financial scams ever perpetrated against the American insurance buying public – who is behind it and how to defeat it

Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report

The Adjuster/Engineer Questionnaire/Report form is to be given to adjusters and engineers to complete prior to conducting their inspections. The form asks that they include their inspection narratives with their loss reports or "forensic" engineering reports. The form also includes the following highlighted warning notice to adjusters and engineers at the bottom of the page: "BE ADVISED THAT INSURANCE FRAUD OCCURS WHEN AN INSURANCE COMPANY, INSURANCE AGENT, INSURANCE ADJUSTER, INSURANCE CLAIMS MANAGER, INSURANCE CLAIMS EXECUTIVE, AND/OR FORENSIC ENGINEER COMMITS A DELIBERATE DECEPTION IN ORDER TO OBTAIN AN ILLEGITIMATE GAIN." 

3RSystems, LLC Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide

Now included with 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© restoration contractor insurance claims process training is the newly revised and updated 3RSystems, LLC “Insured Property Owners Storm Damage Recovery Guide”. With this on-line guide that you will give your insured customers access to only after they’ve signed your contract, you’ll turn your customers into well informed and staunch allies who will stand their and your ground when going up against their P&C insurance company’s usual delay, deny and defend nonsense.  Insurance adjusters issuing implied UPPA threats? You may not be able to negotiate on behalf of your customers or interpret policy language but with what your customers will learn from this guide, your customers will be able to negotiate their claim and talk policy language all day long. Insurance company wants to argue about whether or not GC O&P is due on their insured’s claim. With a thorough understanding of what GC O&P is and why their insurance company should pay it on their claim, your customers will be in a strong position to intelligently argue for full payment of GC O&P themselves.

3RS "If Then / From Filed to Final"©

No insured property owner who suffers wind, hail, flood or other storm damage should ever have to wait for months after their claim has been filed to procure a final - real, true and accurate (RTA) claim settlement offer because of claims delays, denials and underpayments resulting from the questionable and/or intentional actions of independent and staff insurance adjusters, in house claims managers and insurance company paid forensic engineers.  3RSystems, LLC's new "3RS If, Then / From Filed to Final"© claims process will help contractors, appraisers, public adjusters and plaintiffs attorneys across the country work together to shorten the "From Filed to Final" claims settlement process to weeks instead of months and, in conjunction with the American Policyholder Association (APA), bring justice and fairness to insured's whose legitimate property damage claims have been unjustly delayed, denied and underpaid by their insurance companies. 

With 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook©, you'll learn the process from the construction, insurance/investment and legal perspectives that no one else in the country teaches!