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"I also endorse Larry Burtis / 3RSystems. Having Larry to our business several years ago was our introduction to the claim game solution. I researched the issue quite a bit before compelling our business owner to invest some money into his course and get us some official training. We have been on a steady roll of non-ending education since. And our investment was returned more than ten-fold in the first year."   Scott Swing - C&S Roofing, Omaha, NE






STOP leaving your customer's insurance claim settlement money (and your profits & income) on the P&C insurance company tables... 

With your order of 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© A TO Z PROPERTY DAMAGE INSURANCE CLAIM PROCESS TRAINING FOR RESTORATION CONTRACTORS, APPRAISERS, AND PUBLIC ADJUSTERS©, you'll receive all of the insurance claims gold mining tools and equipment you'll need to MAXimize your customers insurance claims, MAXimize your profits and income, and MAXimize your insured customers satisfaction.  Your total cost for 3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© if each segment were purchased separately would come to over $1,600 (3RS Profit MAX / The Playbook© @ $995 and 3RStimax© @ $699).  But, by ordering the full program at the discounted retail price ($549.99), you'll save over $1,100 plus another $1,685 to $2,370 every year by not having to pay for the so-called "insurance industry standard" or similar low ball insurance industry preferred estimating programs.  For just a few pennies a day, this complete, comprehensive, and proven restoration contractor, appraiser, and public adjuster insurance claim process training program, the only one of its kind in the country, will provide you with everything you need to immediately improve your storm and other property damage process results for both you and your insured property owner customers.    



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 My 2021 WTS NOLA - Houghtaling Vs. Badger post-debate questions

 My take on interpreting Forensic Engineer "opinion reports" 

 The truth of who's ultimately behind UPPA   




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